ECG Utah Solar 1 an Energy Capital Group, LLC development

ECG Utah Solar 1 will cost approximately $600mm and is bringing significant economic benefit to Millard County, the state of Utah and Southern California.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 has brought local, national and international media attention to Millard County and the state of Utah.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 has and will continue to impact the local economy during development. Examples include: site visits by out of state firms spending money at local establishments, ECG Utah Solar 1 using local firms for engineering, lease payments to SITLA, etc.
  • ​ECG Utah Solar 1 as planned will employ 250+ people during construction. Many of these job will be from local labor.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 will pay a significant amount of property taxes to Millard County & Utah.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 will pay a revenue share to SITLA as a lease payment once operations commence. Lease payments will go to supporting Utah public school throughout the state.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 will add to Utah's corporate tax base.
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 as planned will create permanent operations & maintenance jobs. 
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 will use existing transmission infrastructure to provide clean and renewable energy to Southern California. 
  • ECG Utah Solar 1 interconnection will be with a LADWP a California Balancing Authority, which makes the project qualify as bucket 1 for the California renewable portfolio standard (RPS). 75% of renewables for the RPS needs to come from a bucket 1 resource.